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   Welcome to Joseph James Photography.  Photography is a passion of mine, and on this site I feature many of my favorite photos.  All of these photos have been taken with digital cameras, some very basic, and some very advanced.  My goal in photography is to capture images that are interesting and/or beautiful, and I hope this site reflects that purpose.

   Originally, I was going to group the galleries into categories, but I eventually decided to have a mix in each gallery.  I can't really explain why, only say that I like it better this way.  Of course,  it sure makes it a pain for the viewer if they only like one type of photo, but this website is dedicated to my craft as a whole, rather than specialized categories except for nudes.  I've chosen the pics in these galleries as some of the best examples of my work or simply because they evoke a feeling that I like, which, I guess, is the whole point of it all.  However, I've not updated these pics in quite some time (got to get on that!) so you may wish to browse a much more complete compiling of my images on my pbase account here.  Plus, they're a lot bigger there since I don't have to worry about bandwidth problems.  :  )

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you enjoy my photos!